The Delight of Deadline Day

I sent my manuscript to the publisher today!  I ‘ve been concentrating so hard on the deadline that I never really thought about what the day of the deadline would feel like.  If anything, I thought I would feel relief.  It’s more.  I’m elated!  It was exciting to tell the Office Max assistant and the post office lady and the random guy behind me in line that I wrote a book! 

When I showed Jordan our copy of the manuscript I told him, "This is our book!"  The abstract project I had been telling my kids about for months was finally in our hands!

Thumbing through the black spiral bound copy made on standard white paper, he replied, "Show me the pictures."

I explained this book didn’t have any yet, but hopefully we will put some in the middle of the final book for people to see daddy and our family.

I wrote a book! 

And someday I hope that book will help someone else who is walking through a lonely road of hurt.

If you’re reading (of course you’re reading!)–thanks for sharing in this journey with me.  I am thrilled to share this piece of it with you. 

Jennifer’s book is scheduled to release January 2009.

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