The First Day of School

My daughter was up at 5:30AM to get ready for Kindergarten, eager and certain. She knew exactly how she wanted her hair–just like the American girl doll, Molly, with two blue ribbons tied in the center of two matching braids. Yesterday we went to Claire's to buy ten dollar fashion (not function) glasses because Maddi claims, "they will help me study better."

We spent so much time on her hair, that my son who had his head shaved a week ago said, "I wish I still had hair!"

Her backpack seemed heavier than she is with a blanket, pillow (for quiet time), a three-ring binder, an umbrella, and her lunch box all in tote. Jordan assured her that he would show her how to get on the bus and find a seat. It was a treat to see him excited about school as he normally doesn't share much of an opinion with me other than that he misses summertime.

I have never seen a happier, smilier (a word that must be invented for this occasion) keen little girl. Whole-hearted, she climbed up the bus steps to finally be a part of the big day any five-year old waits for with either fear or excitement or a little bit of both–the first day of school.

She came home tonight a whole grade bigger. No longer my pre-school baby, she has officially graduated into elementary school. And I pray it is only the beginning of her mother's many proud (and teary-eyed) moments.

Maddi's first day of school 

First Day of School

first day of school


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