The Seventh

I read the comment by “Roads” in London from my post a few days back called, Your Heart Matters. The insight is striking, sharing how suffering occurs daily around the world through both natural and political disasters concluding, “What's happened is really that our miraculous cocoon of good fortune has been punctured, and suddenly we've been brought the gift of so much understanding that we completely lacked before.

Now another miraculous cocoon has been pierced. Early yesterday morning a North St. Paul Police officer was shot and killed. As soon as I received the news I asked, “Does he have a wife? Does he have children?” I can no longer look the other way, because I now understand what I lacked before. I know that their world is unraveling and they have yet to see the darkest part. Because loss and grief do not limit themselves to a day or a week or even a year. It's impossible to measure the devastation.

I was asked what I would say to the family. I am here. That is what I will say over and over until I find a way to help. I am here…along with a community that grieves with you.

The compassion of many is what continues to sustain me in my walk.

We can’t make it better, but we can walk alongside.

I am here.

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