The Why Question

A pen may or may not be mightier than the sword, but it is brassier than the telephone. When the writer converses with her soul in the long dark night, a thousand neighbors are listening in on the party line, taking it personally. -Barbara Kingsolver

I hope my writing helps someone today.  I took the "why" test this week.  I asked myself why five times to find out my true reason for writing. This test can be used for anything in our lives to discover the true meaning behind why we do what we do or why it is important to us.

Why Question #1 Why do I write?
Why Answer #1 Because it makes me feel better.

Why Question #2 Why does writing make me feel better?
Why Answer #2 Because I can be honest and someone else may read my truth.

Why Question #3 Why does it matter if someone else reads it?
Why Answer #3 Because if someone else reads it I feel understood.

Why Question #4 Why does it matter to be understood?
Why Answer #4 Because that is where I feel accepted and a bit normal again.

Why Question #5 Why is it important to feel accepted and normal?
Why Answer #5 Because if I connect with someone and they agree, then maybe I helped them, too.

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