The Good Life

The Good Life is the middle way between ambition and compassion, between action and reflection, between company and solitude, between passion and judgement, between the cup of coffee and the glass of wine." -Jay McInerney "The Good Life"

Tonight family and friends got together to stuff 2500 invitations to the Celebration Dinner planned in September for the one year anniversary of Shawn’s death.  All proceeds from the Celebration Dinner will benefit different charities.  The sponsor of the event wrote to me this week and encouraged me to, "keep pushing – it’s the only way to bring meaning out of the tragedy."  I am finding purpose in my passion.  I am living my life the way God intended.

Some say I need to find life again.  I feel I am working on that.  My response is I am living.

Some people stress the importance of moving forward.  To that I say I am moving.

Others advise the need to let go.  I don’t think I will ever let go.  I am letting God lead.

I am letting life make itself new in me. This isn’t about releasing. This is about embracing.  I believe that my truest freedom comes from an honest approach. Living, moving and letting God work in me. 

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