This Good Friday

"Life will never pass you by as long as you’re doing exactly what you want to be doing." -Virtual Moxie

I read a blog this week that is so well written and thought provoking that I couldn't say its message better even if I spent all day and night and week and year trying. Anastacia Brice interviewed me last week for a VA class she coaches online and she writes about one of the topics we covered in our conversation–living the life you are meant to live.

What inspired me most about her post was the encouragement and permission to trust yourself and your life. Often we compare ourselves to others and discredit our own journey, path or style. I loved the quote she shared by Colum McCann, "People think they know the mystery of living in your skin. They don't. There's no one who knows except the person who carts it around her own self."

Good Friday is a perfect day to reflect. Take time today to read Anastacia's blog. Take time to listen to your heart. Take time.


For those interested in a peaceful retreat setting, I recommend the Journey Inn in Maiden Rock, WI, where I stayed last weekend.

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