Vision without action is a dream. Action without vision is aimless. Vision with action will achieve. – The Running Log by April Powers, Head Coach for Northern California's Team in Training

So much of life is running. Running to this event, that birthday party, soccer practice, music lessons, back home for a make-shift dinner. Schedules are full even when we wish they weren't. And when we try to cut back it inevitably seems we've just made space to put something else in its spot.

I hear comments like, "Time flies." "Life never slows down." "Summer is half done already." "Before we know it Christmas will be here again." "Where has the year gone?"

Business should not be confused with action.

Goal for today–even if you don't have time–stop for sixty seconds and ask yourself: What is important to me to achieve this week?

If you have an additional minute ask a second question: What do I need to do to make what is important to me happen?

Write it down. Post it on the refrigerator. Throw away the note once the vision is achieved.

Aim your action to be more than just a dream.

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