Walk in Faith

"Unless someone like you cares a
whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.” —Dr.
Seuss (1904-1991), Writer, cartoonist 

I have this fear that God is doing something bigger in my life than I can see or imagine. And because it is bigger than my imagination, which often is gigantic, I know whatever the  plan may be–I can not possibly achieve it in my own power. As someone who considers herself a self-starter, self-motivated, self–reliant individual, it is hard to relinquish control. Fear takes over.

So what makes things better?

Walk in faith. This resonates deep inside me. Fear may be present. Fear may dominate. Fear may sway me back and forth like a pendulum working to convince me that I can not do what I dream. You can not lose ten pounds. You can not publish another book. You can not balance a a life vocation with young kids. You will never really clean your office. You won't find new love again. You can not figure this all out.

The power of fear is gripping.

Maybe I'm feeling extra vulnerable because it's Monday morning. The week looks daunting. I need coffee. I haven't slept much since Friday night when Maddi caught swimmer's itch (aka: chiggers or my personal favorite–duck lice). And nothing on my to-do list looks extra glamorous (pay an old bill, call the company before I pay the bill, find the phone number and locate a person who will talk to me about the bill and ask why I'm suddenly being charged monthly when I pay annually, sort through post-it notes of more random things to do, clean out the front closet, meet a book proposal deadline, try not to eat sugar or anything else that resembles food in effort to stop gaining weight…I think I am allowed to eat tree bark.)

Fear has a way of leaving me defenseless.

My only viable option? Walk in faith. Faith is stronger.

Faith conquers fear. Faith tells me to walk in my
dreams as if it they have already happened. Faith influences. Faith
changes the can-nots into cans; the defeats into feats.

Faith tells me I'm not alone.

If you are reading, I need to hear from you today, dear friend.  What do you fear? What holds you back?

Take a faith walk with me. I"m not sure what else to do. Place your fear in front of you and then step over it. Faith tells me this is a good place to start.

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