What Do You Want to Be?

What do you want to be when you grow up? This is a game my kids and I play a lot while driving. Depending on the day, the mood or what they have recently seen in a movie the answers can change.

This week Jordan wants to be three things: a fire fighter, a police officer and a map maker. He is enthralled with the idea of finding buried treasure.

Madelynn wants to be a ballerina, a teacher and a colorer. She wears a tu-tu everyday and if it's too cold outside she just pulls pants over her ballerina tights.

A friend of mine told me, "I just want to be happy." 

I guess my answer is similar. I usually say I want to be content. This at times seems like a huge undertaking. When are we ever really content with ourselves, our situation, our life? It seems we always strive to improve or that at least we are supposed to…isn't that the goal we are taught from the time we are young? Bigger is better? More makes us happy?

I want to be a treasure finder, a day brightener, a gal who can rest her head at night and say I'm content.

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