What Moms Can Do

On my last day of editing for the second draft deadline of my book, I sat in Starbucks reviewing notes and making last minute changes. A mom, balancing her coffee-to-go in one hand with purse dangling from her shoulder and in the other a baby in a car-seat carrier, shuffled by my table towards the door. A man seated at the table in front of me asked the woman, “Can I help you with any of that?”

Turning her head to answer, without slowing her pace she replied, “No, thank you…you’d be surprised at what moms can do.”

The man chuckled. I chuckled.

What moms can do. That’s a big list. I was thinking last night as I packed our car for a road trip we’re venturing on this week with my parents how my little kids have no idea what mom is doing at midnight. How many hours are dedicated to picking up, cleaning counters, taking out the trash—keeping life in some type of order? I guess that’s what moms do. Arrange life. Keep it together. Do what they can. One would be surprised.

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