When there is Confusion

I had coffee with a beautiful new friend named Rani. Originally from India, she and her husband moved to Minnesota over 25 years ago for work.  A year ago this summer after 25 years plus of marriage, Rani’s husband died battling a tumor in his brain. Rani is working daily to embrace this new path in life without her best friend beside her.

When we first sat down at Caribou, I couldn’t decide where to sit. I wanted to find the perfect spot so that I could listen with little distraction. We chose two big leather chairs, but they seemed to sit far apart. Rani could tell I wasn’t comfortable and offered, “When there is confusion…make a change.” We found a corner table by the window which felt more inviting, quieter. I couldn’t stop reciting Rani’s words in my mind. When there is confusion, make a change. So much of life is filled with confusion and chaos. Change, though hard, often helps more than we imagine.

At the end of our talk Rani commented that “we are all on a journey assigned by God.” I knew I was sitting with a person full of wisdom. Rani has so much to offer the world with her care, her words, her life lessons. We are indeed all on a journey and God has specifically designed our paths to cross–assignments noteworthy to share. When there is confusion Rani’s words may help…follow your journey, share your assignments, make a change.

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