Your Heart Matters

The most profound part about blogging is when readers email me or post a comment sharing how they relate my words to their own personal life stories. I often print these notes late at night to read before I go to bed. It is crazy to me how comfort comes in many forms often from many people I don't even know.

This story particularly moves me because as my writing helps her, her writing helps me:

I find that I am questioning everything in my life.  My biggest question for God has been this… does my heart matter?
Does it matter to HIM that my heart has endured such a beating? Was any
of it VALUABLE to HIM? Any of it? Did any of it make a difference? 

Yes, my friend. Your heart matters. You indeed make a difference. I know the pain runs deep. And I know it doesn't instantly go away the way it instantly was inflicted. But, I trust with everything inside of me that your heart matters greatly to God. He made you because he loves you. And that enough tells me you matter.

I don't just say this flippantly. I am writing this to you because I need to hear it myself. I, too, have been asking, does my heart matter? When will the loneliness be filled? How can I keep running on empty?

For anyone tonight who feels severely disappointed by life I wish I could make it better. All I can promise is that I will be real with you–hoping that in some strange way you will find comfort in my honesty.

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