You’re Almost There

The other night I took a yoga class with my friend Stacey. This was after taking a weight lifting class and feeling fatigued. In the quiet studio, with the meditative music, we worked to stretch our bodies into rebellious positions.

I don’t know exactly when the giggling started, but I am pretty sure it was at the same time. I looked over at Stacey who was in a similar spot, flat on her face and we both started laughing louder. The instructor looked at us with empathy and said, “If it’s your first time in this class, It’s okay. We’re almost done. You’re almost there.”

We weren’t convinced. Still, I was so glad to have someone to laugh with me.

And I think the yoga instructor is right. You may not feel like you are there. You may not believe you will ever get there. But, you are almost there. Every day brings you closer.

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