A Happy Marriage

Standing beside you, I took an oath to make your life simpler by complicating mine and what I always thought would happen did:  I was lifted up in joy. -David Ignatow

I think when we first get married we have love all wrong.  We believe life will be easier with this magical new person.  And we believe "being in love" will solve everything.  Then one day we wake up and realize love is work and many times we think we are the one in the relationship working hardest.  What once was meant to make our life simpler has become a chore and we aren’t sure if we like the deal we signed up for. 

I found in my life with Shawn a paradox – the more I served him the more my life was served.  The more I gave to him – the more I received.  When I stopped thinking primarily about myself, I started to find more peace surrounding me.  That is where joy comes from; in what we give rather than take.  And now that he is gone I can truthfully say I know what makes a happy marriage.

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