Tonight at dinner I told Maddi that after we were done eating she would have a bath in the bathtub.  With a wide grin she exclaimed, “Bafff-taahb”  I was startled to hear her say a new word.  For the last month we have been stuck on “mom”, “no” and “hi”.  Of course she must be brilliant if she can say a two syllable word! 

Jordan told me he was sad tonight.  He asked me if I could come hold him.  I reminded him it was time to go to bed and proceeded to ask why he was sad.  He answered, “Because I am sad, Mom.  Because I want you to hold me with my feelings.”  I wrapped him in my arms wondering if I could possibly hold all the feelings welling up inside of him.  As a mother, I wish I had super hero powers to conquer sadness, disappointment, fear, loss.  I can only hope my holding him felt powerful and secure to him.   

There isn’t a day that passes that I don’t find myself wishing for Shawn to be a part of bedtime baths and provide some super hero powers.   

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