Be Kind

Be nice.  Be kind.  Be good to yourself. 

Today I feel critical.  I question everything I am doing.  I don’t mean to be cruel to myself, but I am surrounded by insecurity. 

Be nice.  Be kind.  Be good to yourself. 

I am dazed by the generosity of each good friend I have met along life’s path.  I am astounded by those who have come forward to say, “I am dedicated to still be a good friend to you.”  With each encounter of friendship, old, new and ones rekindled; I am humbled.  I think to myself how the expressions of love and care gifted to me are more bountiful than I have ever offered someone. 

I believe myself to be kind.  Yet, never have I measured up to what others are now freely giving.  The people in my life are teaching me a truer lesson of why we are placed on this earth.  The richer story intertwines through lives shared.  At some point our lives intersect with another and that interconnection may just be a unique defining moment for all involved.  The link contributes to the message that we add meaning to each other. 

I believe that every person I have met, every opportunity that I have been a part of and everything I have done is coming together with strong significance. 

A woman from Illinois sent me a beautiful quote, “Be kind.  Everyone you meet is fighting a battle.”

I am in awe of those who are kind enough to fight my battle with me.

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