Beauty for the Taking

I had lunch last week with a new friend, a widow that I have met since Shawn’s death.  I was astounded that she drives over two hours to come have lunch with me.  Her friendship is a gift and her generous effort to meet with me is a very unselfish, considerate offering.

She is strong, giving, humble, courageous, humorous, positive and completely inspiring. 

I learn from her.  I learn how to see the good.  I learn how to be kind.  I learn how to accept.  I learn how to treasure my children.  I learn how to be myself.  I learn how to still love Shawn and let that be ok.  I learn how to walk forward.  I learn how to enjoy a three hour lunch without ever thinking about the time.  I learn how to share my pain.  I learn how to find the beauty there is for the taking.

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