Starbuck’s Coffee

I stopped at Starbuck’s last night on my way home for a coffee “to go”.  It is one of my favorite treats.  I stared at the drive-thru menu and tested the patience level of the girl inside wearing a headset ready to take my order.  She asked me for the third time what I wanted before advising me to simply “pull ahead to the window” She looked at me pleasantly and asked, “what would you like?”  In my mind, I thought, “that is a weighted question”.  I responded, “I do not know what I want”. 

She kindly helped me sort out my options to decide.  After various eliminations, I chose something I had never selected before.  She served me a hot cup of creamy coffee and I thanked her for helping me.  I couldn’t stop talking.  I continued to share part of my story with her.  I didn’t want to shock her, but I didn’t want to drive away without saying, “your help was everything I needed tonight.”  After my short explanation, she smiled as if on cue and said, “That is exactly what I am here for.”  It was a perfect answer.  I am actually looking forward to going back some night for a late night latte.

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