Class Reunion

Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough.  Give the world the best you have anyway.  -Mother Teresa

I went to my class reunion last night.  I was nervous to attend.  Shawn and I graduated together and I knew if he were alive we would have gone.  I wanted to represent him.  I wanted to represent us.  I gave myself permission that I only needed to stay for an hour.  Surprisingly, my friend and I ended up staying until the end.  I felt very welcomed by our classmates.  They were sensitive and caring.  They let me talk about him without hesitation or awkwardness.  They paid him and I high compliments.  It felt good.

One woman stopped me as I was leaving and commented, "You and Shawn had a remarkable relationship.  Together you were meant for a mission."  It felt so comforting to talk to her.  I nodded with gratidude and told her that I still feel I am on a mission.  Shawn and I always believed we were put together for a purpose.  Daily, I see that purpose unfold.

There was a completeness in me last night at the reunion; an idea working though the notion of coming home.  It feels good to go back to where you started and look ahead to where you are going. But, most of all it feels good to be accepted right where you are.

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