I’ve lost my common life.  My daily movements have been shaken.  Life is out of sensible order.  I crave for the days when making supper was simply making supper; when the day’s activities didn’t carry the weight of grief.   Where I could make my bed and it would be a simple, mindless task among many for the day, rather than another experiment of trying to stay focused long enough to complete the chore before a memory triggers my body to slump with no movement while it recalls yet another level of love and ultimately loss.

I am sharing my honest mind so others may learn; so that I, myself, may learn.  I feel a need to spell out today’s lesson.  If it wasn’t clear already.  Be thankful for the common in each day.  See it as a blessing.  I may be looking for extravagant, prestigious, important or impressive.  But in neglecting an appreciation for the common, I miss the greater gift.

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