Many Conversations

I miss my conversations with Shawn.  At this point, any topic would be inviting.  I remember him teaching me about his new found interest in photography and although I didn’t understand all the technicalities he described, I was completely intrigued with his passion.  It is hard not to pay attention to someone when they are talking about a subject they love.  His enthusiasm was contagious. 

I would love to talk to him again about cooking, his computers, writing, growing an herb garden, traveling, camping, our faith, our dream to record a CD with original music, his psychology class, my new eating habits, or a thought provoking movie.  And I would especially love to concentrate on the theme of parenting and raising children with strong character and integrity. 

Shawn was a good conversationalist.  He was interesting to listen to, but even more of an attribute on his part, he was a very good listener.  I loved analyzing life with him.  In three short days we would have been married seven years.  Every anniversary we took time to enjoy a longer conversation, one without the constraint of time or tiredness.  I miss that.  I miss talking to him.  I miss hearing his voice.  I miss being listened to.  I miss him.

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