Dream Chaser

Death chaser.  I dreamt last night that Shawn and I were chasing death.  It reminded me of a show we watched once about storm chasers; what an intriguing profession.  We were both in awe of the people that like to track storms and follow in their danger.

Last night my dream started with Shawn and I in a hot, sticky room packed with people.  Shawn whispered to me that this was his last day and he knew that he was going to die but didn’t know exactly how it would occur.  I pleaded, “Maybe you are not supposed to die today.” 

In the dream, we left the crowed place and ventured outside.  We were driving along side streets in town and Shawn speculated that maybe we would be in a car accident and that is how he would die.  But, as we passed an oncoming car it didn’t swerve to hit us, so I suggested, “Maybe you are not supposed to die today.” 

The dream continued as we turned the corner and saw a gang of teenagers grouped together.  One of the boys had a gun in his hand.  Shawn casually commented that maybe he would be shot tonight.  I started to panic and begged him, “No, Shawn, maybe you are not supposed to die tonight.  Maybe you are not supposed to die this way.  Maybe you are not supposed to die at all.” 

But, Shawn had a peace and confidence throughout the dream that his time was soon coming to an end.  I was the one selfishly appealing for more time. 

Dream Chaser.  I woke up feeling like a dream chaser.  There are many nights that I chase Shawn in my dreams; maybe because it seems that this is the only place where I can catch him.

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