I worked out tonight.  It felt good.  Now along with my heart’s fatigue, my body feels tired.  But, interestingly enough it is a good kind of tired.  Exercise is the one thing that seems to go against what our society has taught us about pain,

  • It’s ok to hurt. 
  • No pain.  No gain.
  • Results come from work.  Even when you don’t like it.
  • The end result is worth it, but the process is slow.
  • You have to build yourself up.  This is a process.  No quick fixes.
  • The actual benefit from building muscle comes in the recovery stage; not the day you are working out, but during the days you are healing.

I believe all the above is true about grieving.  The process is slow.  I have to build myself back up.  I need a combination of days that I work hard and days that I recover.  Days that are filled with movement and days set aside for healing.

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