Father’s Day Balloons

We sent balloons up to dad yesterday with tender messages.  Maddi’s note scribbled, "I love you.  From ME!" Jordan’s letter said, "Poor, dad.  I want you to come down.  Come back to me."  After releasing the balloons, Jordan wondered why he couldn’t keep one.  I noted this idea to myself for next time – buy balloons for daddy and for daddy’s kids.

This morning we drove to our first day of Vacation Bible School.  We picked up our little playmate, Kaylin.  Jordan asked, "Kaylin, where is your daddy?"  She answered, "At home.  He had Father’s Day."  Jordan continued the conversation, "My daddy had Father’s Day, too.  We gave him balloons.  And my grandpa had Father’s Day, too.  We gave him books." 

Like a balloon, swirling in the wind towards heaven -searching for a way, my heart circles around and around wishing we could be together.  Jordan cried himself to sleep last night begging me, "I want my daddy."  I have no answers.  I am running out of responses.  How do you fill up a little heart?  How do you fill a mommy’s heart?  Shawn’s photo hangs in the hallway.  I stare with desperate eyes pleading, "What am I supposed to do?"  It’s hard to have Father’s Day without a dad. 

Fly high, balloons.  Fly higher than we can.  Fly with our messages of constant love. 

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