Governor’s Luncheon

Last week we were invited to the Governor’s residence for a beautiful outdoor luncheon in honor of the officers who lost their lives in the line of duty this past year. 

The Governor spoke briefly at the gathering about a purpose driven life and how we are called to live out lives of purpose. He stressed the importance of the quality and depth of our lives verses time and age. Comparing a life wasted to a life well lived, he mentioned that our loved ones died too early, yet is convinced that they lived lives full of meaning; they fulfilled their purpose.

After the luncheon the Governor asked me how I was doing. He genuinely seemed to wait for a response, even asking a second time, “How are you really?” I admitted there are many days that are not easy. I felt a bit awkward being direct with the Governor, yet I didn’t want to be dishonest. He didn’t seem to mind. I continued to explain that his message about purpose parallels any sense of peace I have for healing. Knowing that Shawn’s life made a difference in the lives of others, offers me comfort. I seek out confirmation of purpose in order to allow any part of my mind to rest and recover and renew. I shared that I have spent much time focusing on the purpose of life and am working to live with intention and meaning. The Governor knowingly nodded and replied, “So am I.”

We had the honor to meet with the Governor a second time last week for a ceremonial bill signing at the capitol in regards to the Shawn Silvera Memorial Highway Sign. The Governor addressed the room, again mentioning the theme of purpose and agreed that Shawn lived a significant life, one deserving to be recognized and remembered. 

Jordan and Madelynn attended the bill signing ceremony with me. The capitol’s photographer informed me at the close of the ceremony that this was the first time he had ever captured a photo of someone shaking the Governor’s hand while kicking him at the same time. I had instructed my son to greet the Governor, which he did politely with a handshake, in addition to great energy of legs bouncing up and down. Other than Jordan climbing up onto the Govenor’s desk and proclaiming the obvious, “I’m climbing!” the visit to the capitol went smoothly. Jordan and Maddi bring a spirit of enthusiasm to our day. I like that. I like that their liveliness can make people smile. It is a wonderful tribute to their father.

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