Here and Gone

I listened to a new song tonight by Mary Chapin Carpenter,
“Between Here and Gone” She talks about
trying to outrun grief. I wonder if that
is what I am trying to do. She dedicates
the song to “all the splendid ones gone too soon”. That describes Shawn to me. One of the splendid ones. I miss his splendid-ness. He was an impressive man; doing many notable
things in such unassuming ways. I am
inspired by his simple truths and faithful heart.

God, don’t let me fail him. I fall short in many areas. But,
please don’t let me fail him. Let him
know that I loved all of him. Let him
know he gave me all that is good in life and I am hanging onto everything good he
taught me. Tell him tonight, Lord, that
I see how much he touched others. Tell
him that he fulfilled his purpose. And
please, God, give me the strength to fulfill mine.

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