Yesterday we were invited to the dedication and unveiling of the "Shawn Silvera Memorial Highway" signs which will be posted on Interstate Highway 35 in four different locations; one to be near the accident site.  These signs are a humbling tribute to Shawn’s life.  When asked to speak at the ceremony, I shared what the signs mean to me and our family. 

I know when I pass the signs on the freeway, they will be obvious reminders to me of Shawn’s sacrifice.  I also believe the signs will make it a bit more comforting for me to pass this place that normally causes my heart to sink.  There is another idea I have about the signs.  To me they represent Shawn’s dedication to service and encourage each person who passes by to think about how they are also called to serve in some capacity whether it be in their family, at work, in their community or a personal calling. 

While I was sharing these thoughts with the group gathered, Jordan came up to the podium and whispered that he wanted to say something.  I let him use the microphone and he announced, "I want to say ‘Shawn Silvera’".  He then allowed me to conclude.  I was touched at his concentration and awareness of what was occuring around him.  I was impressed with his interest to share and his boldness to speak in front of others.  Most of all I was fast forwarding time in my head and thinking about the treasure I have in Jordan and Madelynn and the joy I will one day have to share with them the story about their father; who he was, how much he loved them and how great he was to have a highway named for him.

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