House Fixed

Never have I felt so broken; yet never have I been so whole.  -Jerry Sittser, “A Grace Disguised”

This past week one of the police officers that Shawn used to work with came over to install a screen door for us.  The next day, in pure excitement, Jordan was explaining this visit to his uncle.  He articulated, “Uncle!  Uncle!  The Officer made our house fixed.”

It is much more than a door to us.  The outpouring of love, support and uniting of community is filling in the crevices that loss etched into our lives.  Our community is made up of many individual people opening their lives and sharing what they can.  One special officer, one special uncle, one special friend helps us feel whole again. 

This is the best part of life…sharing, giving, breathing, feeling; creating something new.  I have seen pain in its rawest form.  I now have new eyes.  I now see joy like never before.  My heart has been stretched.    

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