Junk Mail

I received a letter in the mail today addressed to Mr. Shawn Silvera.  The font on the envelope was scrolled in a computer type penmanship pretending to be personal, yet without success appeared to be an advertisement.  Regardless, I am always curious of who is sending mail to my deceased husband. 

I was right.  It was a telemarketing ploy.  The letter persuasively began, "Shawn, you CAN have it all…more money than you’ve ever dreamed of, and the time and freedom to enjoy it!"  With dismay I wanted to write back to the company and say no he can’t – frustrated that they could make such a presumption.  Of course, they didn’t know Shawn is dead.  Still it upset me all the same.  I don’t like mail like this.  I would rather someone send him a letter saying "we miss you and can’t wait for your return or at least a time when we will see you again."

The benefits of this home-based business were alluring.  Who wouldn’t want a guarantee for more money and more time?  Who wouldn’t be swept up in the dream of not only having these earthly treasures but also enjoying them?  Saddened, I set the letter aside and tried to ignore its empty promises.  In reflection, I believe our world not only distracts people it deceives people.  We live a lie that says we will live on this earth forever and part of the lie works to convince us that we will only be happy in that fake forever with a surplus of time and money. 

I wish for people to know the truth.  I wish for them to see that time is limited and because of its boundaries it is beyond precious.  I wish for people to see that money does not buy anything eternal.  It can’t buy love, it can’t buy happiness and it will never be able to buy life.  I wish for people to live now.  This doesn’t mean to live in neglect or without responsibility.  However, I do wish for them to live with fewer worries, fewer agendas and fewer desires that neither money nor time can fill. 

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