Keep Moving

Big things start small.  Rather than getting overwhelmed with the thought of changing the world, there are small steps we can all take in our own lives and communities that can have a real impact.  What will you choose?  -Goapele

I am preparing for September.  I have this notion that if I plan hard enough, try passionately enough, create something great enough; I won’t be as shaken this September as I was the last.  This is how I am surviving.  The note found on Shawn’s desk after he died said, “Bad does not happen unless good will come from it.”  I am convinced that this September is meant for good. 

I know the truth is that September will come whether I plan for it or not.  And I suspect that it may feel pretty empty with or without a plan.  None the less, I am in wholehearted motion to make it through the first year.  Even if the month denotes sadness for me, there is promise that it could bring blessing to someone else.  Comfort comes from knowing another’s life could be changed for the better.

A group of talented, dedicated family and friends are putting much detailed effort into planning a celebration event that will give back to the community.  The event is titled, “Be Here Now” with the theme focused around living the importance of today.  Most days our work inspires, motivates and encourages.  As one friend and I discussed, it moves me.  I find the art of motion driving me.  I would rather be moving than immobile.  On a few occasions, when doubt creeps in, our labors feel unsuccessful; ideas seem too demanding, deadlines appear out of reach and without notice my energy falls short.  A natural response to any big dream, I reason.

Between the balance of inspiration and distant dreams lies the fact that inside I am changing.  Regardless if the world around me changes, the road I have chosen is carving a path inside of me beckoning me to reach, try, discover, help, share and move.  God gave certain abilities.  Move with them – big or small.

For more details about the BE HERE NOW Celebration or to order tickets please visit the home page at or email 

You can also download an invitation by clicking on “More Info” listed under September Celebrations.  I welcome you to attend.  I believe this event has the potential to inspire the change you may be looking for and the encouragement to keep moving towards your dream. 

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