Life Comes Back

Then, when it seems we
will never smile again, life comes back. –Anonymous

I have this quote on a magnet on my refrigerator. There is a little girl on the picture
standing in the rain with her arms lifted up. She reminds me of Maddi. The girl’s
expression is full of intrigue and discovery. She isn’t exuberant with the fact that she is getting drenched, but she
isn’t sullen either. She seems to accept
the rain for what it is and there is a slight sense of delight or interest in her
eyes. She is most definitely engaging in
the activity and does not appear bothered by the idea of being wet. Her fingers are sprayed open as if to catch
every drop of water falling down. She
is involved with the experience and it is obvious with one glance that she
doesn’t want to miss out on what is happening around her.

Life comes back. This
is true. Slowly life is coming
back. Like the little girl in the rain,
I don’t feel exuberant with the life around me, but I don’t feel sullen
either. I do feel interest in what is occurring
around me and I want to engage in the life I have been given even if it means
there will still be many rainy days ahead. I hope my hands are open and accepting to what is yet to come. I know that even though my heart has been
deeply hurt, I don’t want to miss out on a life which is meant to be lived.

My children remind me daily that life comes back or at
least continues. I think if I reach
deeper into that thought, I myself hold secrets for my own life. God created me to think and smell and feel
and live this life with intrigue. Life
comes back. Even on the days I would
rather deny it, my life is coming back.

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