Make of It

I was cleaning my office today and stumbled across an old college folder of Shawn’s for a psychology class he was taking prior to the accident.  Interestingly enough it appears from his notes that the professor was discussing trauma, grief and loss.  He highlights on one of the notebook pages, “It’s not so much what happens to people, but what they come to believe about it and make of it.”  Reading these words in his personal penmanship seems nearly prophetic and I am buried in the complexity of the message. 

I remember shortly after Shawn died, one of his instructors came to visit my home and commented on Shawn’s tenacity to seek God; wrestling His creator with mighty questions to follow in the purpose God had designed for his life. 

Further down in the notebook he has scribbled, “What is God doing here, and how, and why?”  And now his words become my questions – what, how, why?  Through his death, my beliefs continue to shape and my heart persists to mend and my mind twists and turns and my life dedicates itself to what I will make of it.

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