Many Bits of Good News

I have had many bits of good news this week.  Many encouraging things have transpired in relation to the planning efforts to prepare for the one year anniversary of Shawn’s death.  I am witnessing a community of people at their best, believing in a purpose and inspiring others to discover the beauty in living.  I am realizing how connected I am to those around me, some I may never meet, but still finding our lives are somehow linked. 

A friend told me last night at dinner, that each of us are whole, we just need to unleash the reality of who we are, the character that is hiding, the soul that seeks meaning.  I marvel at the idea of being broken and whole at the same time.  Yet, it accurately describes my current position; the tension that pulls inside of me, struggling to make peace with wholeness and brokenness together. 

The Benefit Dinner being held at the Hilton Hotel in Minneapolis is my greatest example of community excellence.  Many tickets have already been sold, and I hope that many more will be reserved, as I believe that this night will challenge people to live their best life now.  I want to share what I am learning.  I want others to benefit from sharing.  I want many more to know what “many bits of good news” can do to lift the spirit. 

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