Music Played

"The greatest tragedy is not death, but life without purpose."  ~ author unknown

I have written seven songs since Shawn died.   Last week a friend played along with guitar.  The music flowed – filled me – the music found its way into each part of me; my ligaments, tendons, through my arteries, like a vessel flowing – blood moving.  The music spread into my tightened muscles, into the spaces of my heart that I have closed to protect and safeguard.  Like warm water washing over me, filling in all the crevices – the guitar sang the notes that my song was missing.  It was a step in my grief process.  It resonated in me that this is a part of my healing – another level of life, another layer of love.

My senses awakened to the music.  My heart responded.  There is potential here.  There is purpose.  The music told me, that when I doubt all else, to sing what I know to be true.

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