My Best Brand New Day

September 6th – the two year mark of Shawn’s death – turned out to be a beautiful day of honor and remembrance.  I was completely overwhelmed by many special friends who delivered or sent flowers to my home.  Before going to bed that night I counted 15 bouquets of flowers filling my house.  Roses and daisies of every color imaginable.  It was as delightful as a flower shop.  In a sense, I felt Shawn was taking care of me. 

This is the power of friendship – caring for someone else in order that they feel the greatest type of love.    The truest friends in your life have the power to transform you.  They can take the darkest day and change it.  They can say we want your worst nightmare to be washed into your best brand new day.   

This is what happened to me on Thursday.  I felt the power of friendship.  I felt surrounded by my truest friends.  I felt the greatest type of love.  I felt transformed.  I felt my darkest day changing.  I felt my worst nightmare being handled tenderly with care and understanding.  I felt my best day that I have yet to feel since Shawn died.  I felt something brand new. 

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