Officer’s Note

There is nothing better for me to read than an inspirational story of how Shawn’s life is still making a difference.  I love that I had a short chance to love him and I love that many others now get to experience the best of him alongside of me.

Officer’s Note:

As I write this I am patrolling the streets like Batman; as Shawn would have said.  I was working the day Shawn was killed.  Our dispatch sent out a city wide message to all squads letting us know what had happened, and my heart just sank.  I went to Shawn’s wake and funeral.  I thought Shawn’s service was a wonderful tribute and it had an impact on me and how I have lived my life since.  Shawn set the bar pretty high, he seemed to have been a kind and wonderful person and I admire the way you two had such a close relationship.  I am married and still have a lot to learn about love and how much we should value our time with our loved ones.  I also have come to realize that a close relationship with God is very important. You and Shawn have taught me a lot about that. I can’t even imagine what you must be going through.  I still carry the card that I got from Shawn’s wake.  I carry it in my card holder and try to remember to do my duty daily.  I’m not sure why I thought I should write you an email, but I guess I wanted you to know that Shawn is still making a difference in people’s lives…people like me who you have never met and didn’t even know.  I will always remember him, and think of him pretty much every day as I drive by the highway signs which bear his name.  I know that Valentines Day must be a very hard time for you…as I would imagine just about any holiday is.  I hope it goes as best as it can.    

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