Once In A While

Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale. 

I think the best part of my relationship with Shawn was that he inspired me to be my best.  He saw the best in me, even if I was feeling my worst.  He could see beyond what I limited myself to see.  Now I feel like his vision is revealed.  The best in me is finally being born.  Each step I take further into the healing process bids me to stay awake and offer myself authentically.  Even when I am scared or sad or depressed, the message returns telling me the truth about my purpose.  I have great things to offer.  His inspiration becomes mine.

Inspire.  Breathe into life.  Heighten or intensify.  Supply inspiration.  Prompt for more.  Cheer.  Encourage.  Urge.  Influence.  Fill with confidence.  Revolutionize.  Enliven.  Motivate.  Stimulate energy.  Draw forth ideas.  Inhale.  Inhale deeply. 

The definitions of inspire move around me.  Out of an ordinary life comes a beautiful love story.  One between two people.  One alone with myself.

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