Packing up Hope

Today I cleaned out Shawn’s desk at work.  One more step accomplished
on the business-side of grief.  A few paces backwards for what it did
to my heart.  I felt like I was packing up Shawn’s dreams, his
unfinished assignments, his untouched ambitions, his silent

I was searching for secret notes tucked in between folders of paperwork
and bags of equipment.  The only hidden message I found was the humble
dedication of a man who loved his job.  Slipped inside the file drawers,
I discovered unmarked determination and proficient skill.  Beneath the
desktop I saw intact purpose and resolve.  Resting in his cubicle
space, I noticed untouched strength and discipline; an impressive
resume of an inspiring career.

Today was the first day that I clearly remember feeling broken hope.  I
packed up many things today, but hope was not one of them.  I am
searching for it somewhere, yet in the moment it seems to have

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