American Express sent a credit card application to my deceased husband. I know these are computer generated and they don't know any different, still receiving it in the mail is now mildly or should I say morbidly amusing where once these oversights could send me into a daze of grief for days.

This particular ad is for the Blue Sky program, promising unlimted travel choices with no travel restrictions (I think Shawn already has some of those perks.)

The advertisement looks like a copy of an airline ticket and is addressed as a special offer to Mr. Shawn SIlvera. I'd love to write back and let them know the offer he was given. There is a spot in the upper right hand corner that reads: Destinations–Anywhere, Worldwide and in big, bold, red-font lettering the word FREE! I guess they have that part correct.

There are guarantees on the bottom of the ticket for no blackout dates, no advance purchase requirements, no expiration date on points, no seat restrictions and no travel restrictions. I think Shawn would laugh at this propaganda. And I love the part about no annual fee.

The Blue Sky card claims to give you free flights, free stays, free trips and free travel packages. What a deal when you are flying all the way to heaven!

The attached letter brags about their premium benefits and freedom to go wherever you want whenever you want. In fact, there is a promise to get a response in as little as 60 seconds or less. Of course, do not wait…there is an expiration date.

I thought about contacting American Express to correct the situation, but decided to save my time, toss the American Express passport in my recycling bin and let the whole thing humor me in an odd, crazy, make-the-most-of-today sorta way.



American Express Mail



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