Sick III

My kids are feeling better.  I am not.  I started to feel achy today with the chills and a dull soreness throughout my body.  I was hoping to escape the illness they endured under the premise of what I call “mommy” immunity; my unwritten rule that says if you take care of really sick kids, you don’t have to worry about catching the same virus.  My hypothesis did not work this time.

I laid on the couch during nap-time trying to rest.  I felt extremely nauseas.  Even my mind was queasy with thoughts.  The last time I felt this way was September 6th.  They told me, “Shawn has been in an accident.  Shawn has been killed.”  Instant nausea.  I remember feeling like I was in a cave.  I couldn’t be hearing right.  Everything was echoing.  “Shawn has been killed”  This couldn’t be true.  I needed to sit down.  My stomach felt sick.  I wanted to vomit.  But, my body had shut down and I couldn’t react. 

I wonder if every time I am sick I will think of September 6th.   It seems like a natural comparison; physical sickness with heart sickness.  Both have similar effects on the body.    

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