Talented Kindness

Today I came home to talent on my table.  My neighbor hand crafts baskets with intricate weaving and design.  As a gift, she created a beautiful basket for me with twelve photo slots to hold a variety of Shawn’s best photography. 

In my previous life, the one where Shawn was living right beside me, I remember defining talent by skill.  He was a talented musician, skilled at guitar, singing and possessing amazing rhythm; an attribute I believe he inherited from his Jamaican heritage. 

In my current life, the one I live day by day after enduring traumatic loss and forging forward, I see talent gently woven with kindness, similar to the basket I given as a gift. 

Our aptitudes are blended with our passions allowing us to use our abilities to bless others when we choose to share our thoughtfulness and compassion.  This is how talent becomes a gift.  Once the gift is received, the talent becomes a treasure.  One that both the giver and receiver will never forget. 

One look at this brilliant basket and I immediately think of my artistic neighbor and how her talented kindness carried me to a better place the day she decided to share her gift with me. 

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