The One Year Mark

Tomorrow is the Benefit Dinner at the Hilton.  My heart is racing.  The work of many dedicated people is now coming together into a smooth and brilliant evening.  I know God has great things planned. 

I had a very good friend write and explain my last year from their perspective.  It helped me review all the work my body and spirit have been subject to this past year and it was encouraging for me to see that hard work pays off.  I would like to share my friend’s comments:

Perhaps the reason many people talk about the one year mark being so powerful is because many people often times celebrate things yearly… i.e. Valentines Day, Anniversary, etc. This is the way many people process things, just as people often feel the pain more around holidays because that is the time they notice it more. So, while that is the case for many people, Shawn and you lived differently…you shared monthly moments that many people only observe yearly. From this, I conclude that every month, there is a "yearly" grieving cycle that takes place for you allowing you to strengthen, grow and stretch in amazing ways.  You are very present in your journey of healing.   It is a positive testament that you have progressed in such strides within your grieving process. 

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