What I Want

This is what I want.  At the end of any given day, I want the peace of mind to know that I am where I am supposed to be.  I want the day to feel normal.  I want to live in the simple.  I want to live with smiles shared and love given.  I want to feel like I contributed to the day in some sort of way, even if my contribution feels small.  I want to know that I am valued and cared for and I want to exchange that concern with those I care about most.  I want to see the better side of life, not just the part that makes me cry, but the side of joy as well.  I want to experience a piece of quiet today, if only for a moment. 
Most of all when I go to sleep at night I want to know that I can rest; not only because I am tired, but because I lived my day well; as best as I knew how.  This is what I really want.

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