This Is What Our love Is

I discovered a song by surprise today.  Shawn and I had scribbled these lyrics down on paper one Sunday afternoon in our little cement home in Honduras during our volunteer days with the Peace Corps.  He recorded the tune on his hand-held recorder and must have transferred it to our computer once we were back home in the states. 

As I listened intently, the sound of his voice resonated as recent.  How could it have been buried for a year and a half by now?  How can I turn 34 when he never saw 33?  How can his talents be taken in such a reckless crime?  It makes no sense to me. 

I love this song.  I could listen to him play it over and over on the small travel guitar we had brought with us on our travels.  The guitar had a tinny sound that didn’t support his musical skills, but regardless of instrument, I hear the love in his voice and feel his innate style of rhythm creating a gift for just the two of us. 

I am glad I found the song today.  I love surprise discoveries.

This Is What Our love Is

Walking on a Sunday afternoon
Laughing at the pie shaped moon
Holding your hand strong in mine
Never keeping track of time

This is what love is
This is what love is
This is what our love is to me

Secret telling even if we cry
Never needing to question why
Reading books and writing poetry
Dancing in the kitchen just you and me

This is what our love is
This is what our love is
This is what our love is –is to me

Written by:  Shawn and Jennifer Silvera 2002

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