"For a thousand years in thy sight are but as yesterday when it is past"

Life used to seem long.  There were many years ahead of us.  We bragged about how much time we had left to be in love.  People used to warn us about the years slipping by without notice.  I never really bought into that theory.  Life with Shawn seemed packed with life.  Somehow we were able to fit so much into one year.  I don´t know if this made life go extra slow or considerably faster, but it definitely made it memorable. 

Now life seems unusually short. I forsee the years slithering by like a hungry snake, devouring what is left of time.  Jordan and Maddi will be grown and there won´t be many years remaining.  I look ahead and think that maybe time will go fast and find myself praying that maybe this is true.  Hurry up, time.  People tell me that you know how to fly.  If this is true, please open up your wings and soar.

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