Time Travel

Dear Shawn,

I sleep on your side of the bed.  I sleep under a handmade prayer shawl gifted to me by a kind church group.  It is warm and comforting and all encompassing.  I sleep with two of your shirts that still smell like you; one like cologne, one like sweat.  I miss both scents.  Some nights I sleep with Jordan.  Some nights I sleep with Madelynn.  And some nights I don’t sleep much at all. 

I wish I could time travel.  I would travel in time to visit you.  I would travel backwards or forwards or up or down or into space or out of space if it would bring me to you.  I would travel in the multidimensional world you used to dream about if that is where you have now gone. 

What is heaven like?  How will I recognize you?  Heaven is the place where we are made perfect.  What does perfect look like?  Heaven is the place where we are completely fulfilled.  What can that possibly be like?  Heaven is more than we can imagine.  What does that mean?  Heaven is the place where there are no tears.  What does that feel like? 

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