I find myself bursting with what I am learning through my journey of grief or more accurately my passage of discovery into what God has purposed for my life.  The lessons stored up in moments are extraordinary if I choose to learn them. 

A difficult thought today is that I want to share everything I am gathering in addition to everything I am unfastening with Shawn.  He would be equally intrigued with these new life themes that seem to surround me as I continue to walk in my loss of his love and friendship.  I want to share with him my newfound hope, my joy in simple stillness and my passion to live the life God intended for me to live. 

A new thought transpires within my contemplation of loss.  Maybe I am indeed, sharing my new treasures with Shawn.  He now sees completely.  What once was limited for him is now made new and full.  He shares in God’s goodness and more abundantly in God’s richness.  Shawn is walking in glory.  He sees the passion.  He has been exposed to the extensiveness of purpose.  He can comprehend what I only have a glimmer to perceive.  In my view, my eyes have been uncovered.  From Shawn’s sight, he knows and understands my lessons more wholly than I am even able to explain.  I am a glimpse closer to the truth.  Shawn is surrounded by the truth.  He shares all this with me.

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