Two Lives

So, this is life.  At all cost.  This is how we live.  This is how we die.  I am becoming keenly aware of the many instances where death is all around me;  not in a harsh or angry sense, rather in a complete and encompassing way.  A quiet kind of empty.  The world looks different now and I canĀ“t explain it.  I can only open my heart and let you look inside; wander around for awhile.  This is my only way to share the discovery.

I have had two lives.  The life I knew with Shawn.  And the life I was introduced to on the day he died.  A single, solitary day.  Life changes in a single, solitary day.  This second life is not my life without Shawn, instead it is my life stretched open and torn, comprehending meaning on a brand new scale as I learn from his going before me. This is my life that is beginning to understand that death is not only part of life but the point of life.  This second life beckons me to live in the here and now.  To prepare for something more.

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