Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact – William James

There is much to create; an entire new Jennifer to design.  A life long collection inside of me pulls together everything I am in attempt to construct a brilliant new tapestry of living.

It’s a grand concept.  Larger than the existence I once knew.

I lived a quiet life.  Not a closed life, but a quiet life.  I shared life well with others.  Yet, life in all general purposes was calm. 

Now God is speaking to my core to live boldly.  Bold was not in my previous self description.  Pre-accident, I believe I could have been considered self-motivated, vigorous, and possibly strong.  But, brave, daring and bold were not vocabulary choices I used to express myself.  Shawn owned those words in my mind.  Now he is sharing them with me.  God is reconstructing my character.  He has a brand new composition in mind.  God dares to shape me in a way that I would never have conceived on my own.  Here is the work of a potter with clay.  My belief holds on tightly to His masterful craftsmanship.  There is a new work being carved in me.  Boldy being carved.

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