Walk Again

Months ago I received an email from a new friend telling me about her dad and how he had been given only a five percent chance to live after experiencing a severe, rare illness of toxic shock syndrome.  He made it.  He is now a walking miracle using two prosthetics in place of both legs that were amputated.  His daughter wrote about the inspiration she has found in both her dad’s story as well as my own.   

I first read her email at 3:15 AM on one of many nights that I couldn’t force myself to bed.  I printed her email and took notes in the margins.  I felt like I could relate.  I feel like her father given a code blue.  I feel like I am often living with only a five percent chance of recovery.  Yet, just like this strong man, I want to be a walking miracle.  He fought back as hard as he could and can now see great meaning.  Her father inspires me to rise up out of loss and walk again.   

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